Saturday, November 1, 2014

San Francisco Weekend Trip!

I recently took a trip up to Berkeley for a few days to stay with one of my friends and had the best time exploring San Francisco! When I got there, we decided to make a list of the places we wanted to see besides the typical tourist spots! Making a list really helped us actually go to a lot of the places! I thought I'd share with you guys some my favorite spots. If any of you guys are making a trip out there, try and check them out!

One of the coolest places we saw was Yerba Buena Gardens,  which you can see in the picture above. With live music and the most incredible view, it was the best place to take a moment and sit down. I definitely recommend putting it on your list of places to see! I personally love tall building scenery and city views, so it was perfect.

Even though it was super windy, Fisherman's Wharf was also really cool! It had a great view and reminded me of Brighton Pier, which I've always wanted to see! Also, if you're there check out the crepe store!  

Mission Dolores Park is definitely a must see! It's a huge park with the most incredible view of all of San Francisco! It's also perfect for taking pictures! :) 

Next we went to Haight-Ashbury which had really cool, interesting shops and I finally got to see the typical different-colored house streets.  

While we were there we had the best lunch at a place called 1428 Haight! If you guys are ever in the area I definitely recommend checking it out! I ordered the Pesto chicken sandwich and it was amazing!

One of my other favorite spots (not gonna lie because of the shopping) was Union Square :) If you guys are ever looking for a good non-fancy dinner spot that isn't too expensive, check out Super Duper Burger! It was a really cute, super modern looking restaurant with the best burgers! 

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