Saturday, November 8, 2014

Toast Bakery Cafe!

After moving to LA a couple months ago, I've had the chance to search for and try out a few really amazing lunch spots! Recently, I had the best time at Toast Bakery Cafe! The cafe is on West 3rd street and is the cutest lunch spot! They serve breakfast/lunch with some pastries inside as well! I was also really impressed with the service! Also, if you are looking for a place to run into celebrities while in LA, this, along with other food spots on the street are the places! It's also right next to Beverly Center and close to the Grove which is a bonus :) 

I ordered Tony's Salad and it was incredible! The salad has chicken, strawberries, pecans, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes and avocado in it. I never thought I would like the combination of strawberries and avocado but it was delicious and definitely worth a try if you are ever there! 

If you are looking for a breakfast option, one of my friends ordered the Eggs Benedict with potatoes and really enjoyed it! Another great breakfast plate I've ordered, is an Omelette called The Third Street which has spinach, swiss and feta cheese, with mushrooms, and onions. 

 When you go inside the cafe there's the cutest display of candy and other sweet treats! (P.s. anyone else love the festive pumpkins) :) 

Let me know if any of you guys check it out! :) 

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